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Lizardman Companion

The book is here!

Lizardman Companion Book

The result of four years of painstaking research, "The Lizardman Companion" will be available in three weeks. Dr. John Stamey, the host of the SC Lizardman Festival, has put together this volume of stories that focus around the Lizardman sightings of 1988 and 1989 in and around the Bishopville, SC area.

Beginning with the June 23 2AM, 1988 sighting by Christopher Davis, that brought about a string of 11 police reports and an equivalent number of articles in the Lee County Herald which are reprinted in the book, Dr. Stamey will take you through the fascinating eyewitness accounts of an eight-foot tall, red-eyed monstrous presence that truly frightened he citizens of Lee County and brought immense worldwide attention to one of rural South Carolina's least populous counties.

In the book, Dr. Stamey interviews citizens of Lee County about the sightings and potential Lizardman activity dating back over one hundred years in the area. He also has found and recounts stories from around the world - including a harrowing encounter with a nest of Lizardmen by American soldiers during the Vietnam war in 1973. A section is also included about the legendary Lizard people of Los Angeles.

For more information contact jwstamey@gmail.com

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